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What's up it's your boy Soulja. Just leaving a new update for all the fans. What's poppin SODMG? Right now i'm working on my new album "Loyalty". I'm focused and gearing up for a new tour. I had a great time on the We Made It Tour. 2014 was dope I can't wait to see what 2015 brings. I know all the fans are waiting. And I appreciate all the love and support on all social media. The tv show "Love & Hiphop Hollywood. I hope you enjoyed seeing another side of me on TV and behind the music. Let's make 2015 great, new album, new singles, new music videos, tours, video game, headphones, everything. I love my fans, team, and family. Lets keep working. I have a lot planned lets make it a success. Thanks for riding with me since day 1 I love and appreciate every single person that supports the movement and my career. Udigg.


- Soulja Boy
  • Jan18 be there udigg #richgang
    Jan18 be there udigg #richgang
  • $b
  • ☝️
  • Always strive for greatness
    Always strive for greatness
  • Stay focused.
    Stay focused.
  • $B
  • Work. $tudio.
    Work. $tudio.
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  • Chase your dreams. Make your legacy. 💯💰
    Chase your dreams. Make your legacy. 💯💰


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